the dap festival

The Concept

The idea arose from the desire to combine the various aspects of the Pietrasanta area, famous for its marble studios, bronze foundries and International art galleries, in a unique project with a focus on dance and art.  

In their performances and in their Master Classes, international artists and dance companies share not only their own artistic experience but also their culture.

The integration of various arts disciplines, such as dance, music, visual arts and photography focusing on contemporary issues, encourages in this way choreographers, dancers, sculptors and musicians into a new global artistic experience.

The Project

The City of  Pietrasanta and the New Dance Drama Cultural Association launch New Art Dreams, a project which plans an International Festival for the performing Arts and the promotion of  contemporary Dance and Choreography in their multifold stylistic and cultural aspects at a national and international  level through the theatrical and civic spaces of Pietrasanta.

The first edition of the Festival is foreseen for the Summer 2017 (June 18th – July 1st).

The usual summer art exhibition, which is presented in the Saint Augustine Complex and in the Square of the Cathedral, will be inaugurated at the beginning of June by the Danish artist Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, who will work alongside in its project with the 2017 DAP Festival partner, the Royal Danish Theater.

During the course of the year 2016-2017, the team of the three artists formed by Maestro Sørensen, by the Danish choreographer Sebastian Kloborg, and by the Danish musician Kim Helweg develop an interactive project defined as the DAP Festival Artistic Project. The project will be created in various locations: in collaboration with Royal Danish Theater Plus at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen (February 2017) and the Civic Theater of Pietrasanta (February- March 2017). The final product will be presented on the stage of the La Versiliana Theater of Marina di Pietrasanta (DAP Festival Main Venue) and furthermore moved by the choreographer and the sculptor to an exclusive outside location, the Versilia marble quarries, where the work will be filmed for the unique Gala evening and for the creation of a one-of-a kind documentary.


Artistic Project

International Artists of the Dance, Music and of the Visual Arts interact in the unique creation of the art in all of its expressions.

Choreographic Platform

Open to the participation of international companies,professional choreographers, and dancers in its theatrical and civic spaces in the international sculpture park of the City of Pietrasanta.

DAP College

Program of study open to professionals and students starting from 11 years old with the opportunity to participate in the Artistic Project and the Choreographic Platform.


DAP FESTIVAL COLLEGE STAGE – Civic Theatre of Pietrasanta: location of the Master Classes and Performances of the guest Choreographers and of the student performances.

DAP FESTIVAL MAIN VENUE - Stage of the Versiliana, location of the Great Final Gala Performance.

DAP FESTIVAL OUTSIDE LOCATIONS – The city in its various locations and sites of art and culture. The outside performances, to take place in the international sculptural Park of the City of Pietrasanta, transform these spaces into improvised theaters.  The dance itself reaches the audience by animating the city and its wonderful artistic sites in a constant “dance of the invasion”.

An innovative form of universal communication, which merges the visual and performing arts, and permeates the civic fabric offering a citywide display for the community, the visitor, and the passerby.


> Promotion of the territory, appreciation of the artistic and cultural patrimony of the City of Pietrasanta and of the promotion of its economy.

> Integration of the various arts: Dance, Music, Sculpture, and Photography through the productions of artists, dancers, and choreographers.

> Promotion of international cultural exchanges from an artistic, social, and cultural point of view.

> Introduction of opportunities for young talents to professionalism and experimentation: an experience of innovative dance at an international level.