The DAP Festival will host a total of 5 selected choreographers and their dancers for up to 4 days; the number of dancers allowed per choreographer is from 1 to 4 maximum.

The goal of this international festival is to create a platform to promote national and international talents in Choreography and Dance.

The deadline for registration is divided into three categories: National / European / International.

1) February 20, 2017 for international and european companies

2) April 20, 2017 for national companies

The notifications will be sent to participants approximately 15 days after the expiry of the registration deadline.

National and International choreographers are invited to send their applications for participation to the international DAP FESTIVAL choreographic platform no later than the date indicated by sending a video and filling the application form. The chosen choreographers will be assigned outside locations at the Festival related to the artistic space of the City of Pietrasanta. During their stay at the Festival, they will present their choreographic creations in these city artistic locations, and video recordings of the works will take place during select rehearsals. The outside locations will be assigned to the choreographers by the organization and the performances will be publicized. An editing of these performance videos will be presented at the DAP Festival Main Venue stage during the Final Gala performance.

Send the fully completed form to the following email address:

 Attach the following documents:

1. A valid copy of the ID document of EACH PERSON IN THE LIST

2. CV of the choreographer

3. CV of the dancers

4. Short letter of presentation and motivation

Announcement Choreographic Platform

Announcement Choreographic Platform
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Application form DAP Festival

Call for Coreographers and Dancers
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